Ever since the introduction of the Huayra Coupe back in 2011, die-hard Pagani fans have been keenly awaiting the arrival of a Roadster version… And it’s finally here!

The Huayra-saga started with the Coupe, then natural evolution happened, and we got the hardcore Huayra BC, and now we have the culmination of both cars in the form of the Huayra Roadster, which takes all the lessons learnt during development of the other 2 cars into account, to ensure that this is the best Huayra yet…

The Roadster’s chassis is a furthering of the previous Carbo-titanium unit. This time round they’ve added something called Carbo-Triax HP52 into the mix, which has increased the stiffness of the chassis by some 52%, with no additional weight added… In fact, the Roadster weighs just 1,218 kg’s, making it almost 80 kg lighter than the Coupe, a remarkable, almost unheard-of, achievement for a roadster!

More power is also had from the turbocharged AMG V12 engine, which now produces 570 kW, with 1000 Nm available from just 2400 rpm, thus making the Huayra’s power more usable in the real world. The turbo’s have also been reworked to further improve throttle response.

Another interesting point of the Huayra Roadster is the transmission… The whole unit has been re-developed, and is now 40% lighter than the previous one. The gearbox itself is now also mounted transversely. Pagani say this reduces poler inertia and makes for better weigh-distribution.

In terms of handling, the Huayra Roadster truly exceeds. During testing, a 1.8 G-figure was recorded during lateral acceleration… This is the highest ever recorded for a car with road tyres! All of the suspension’s components have been redesigned using a new, very lightweight, aluminium alloy, which lightened the car by a full 25%. Apart from weighing less, the components have also been specially designed to appear as special works of art…

The magical Active Aero system from the Coupe has also been updated and refined to work better than ever. Along with the beautifully sculpted, aero-friendly, body and flat bottom, the Roadster shows excellent aerodynamic performance.

The final party-piece of the car is the special roof, which comes in 2 forms, a carbon unit with a window insert, as well as a manual soft fabric roof, for a more roadster-like experience.

Sadly the Huayra Roadster is limited to only 100 units, and unsurprisingly all of these have already been sold…

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