When the Cayman GT4 was unveiled last year, the entire motoring community stood back in admiration of the lighter, quicker, mid-engined Porsche, and for the very first time we saw that the Cayman was indeed a whole other car in its own right, and not just a “cheap” 911. This made us instantly fall in -love with the GT4…

We never could’ve dreamed of how the Cayman finest hour could be made better, but now, apparently, Porsche have done just that!

An Australian Porsche dealership in Brisbane, had posted details about the, as yet unconfirmed, GT4 RS on Instagram. The post was quickly removed, but the news definitely didn’t go away, as the post made mention of a naturally-aspirated 4.0-litre possibly replacing the current 3.8.

If this post is at all true, we suspect Porsche are likely to opt for a de-tuned version of the 4.0-litre GT3 RS motor, and if the ‘RS’ namesake is anything to go by, we could surely expect a more stripped-out, track-ready GT4.

As mentioned above, Porsche have confirmed nothing thus far, but with the annual Geneva Motor Show just around the corner, the news could be here sooner than we expect!

In an era where all Porsche’s are quickly becoming turbocharged, the idea of a big NA motor in a chassis such as the Cayman have all the makings of a wonderful swan song…

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